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kiln ‘failures’

if i made my little 1x1cm stud earrings or my 30cm fern bowls all the time, and if they were the only things i made, i would be able to have the same results every time. i plan and write a schedule of every firing i do, taking into account the size of the piece, the thickness of the glass and effect i want in the finished piece. so to repeat something i’ve made, its already programmed for me, i have the past schedules and previous mistakes to show me what i need to do to end up with the desired product each time, every time. it’s quite predictable.

thats a good thing. it’s wisdom, i think. i also know that its productive and not wasteful. but, just this week i’ve found such exquisite beauty in the unknowns and in the unpredictable; in the mistakes i’ve made and the ‘failures’ that occur when i don’t have a program that i’ve already established for such a job. i was working from feel and only a little bit of research and forethought. i threw (figure of speech people – i’m working with glass!) things together and put them in the kiln to fire. it was one of those times that glass has again blown me away with its depth, strength and beauty.

i’m working on a piece for an artshow in Sydney at the end of the month and am working on a larger scale than normal. i knew that what i was making was a ‘test’ but i’m always hopeful that the ‘draft’ will do. i’ve never been good at editing and perfecting. mid-way through the firing i checked through the little kiln window and saw some beautiful (but not ideal) bubbles across the big flat fused panel. bubbles occur in glasswork where pockets of air get trapped in the heating and cooling process – all they need is a passage to escape – they’re not there to cause trouble, per say. i was hoping that throughout the rest of the firing schedule these big boils would find their little passages, out of my glass and into the kiln-sphere.

after two firings and hours of planning and designing, i opened the kiln to find those big bubbling boils still sitting in my glass panel. having pushed glass aside around them, they stretched taught about 2cm above the surface, with skins thin like paper. i was a bit gutted, knowing i had limited days left to complete the piece before i go away for a while, and lamenting the amount of glass i had used in this now useless panel. but as i washed the piece and held it up to the sky – there it was…crystalline light playing amongst the layers of glass and tiny bubbles holding to fragments of frit. this piece was beautiful. it was showing me everything i love about glass and more. never had i seen glass stretched so thin, where it would crinkle under the gentle pressure of my finger. the reflections of a top-layer stringer on the bottom of the panel blew me away with its colourful mirrored imagery.

i’ve been reminded that this is more of what i need. and this is how i will keep learning about this medium. don’t worry though, i’ve kept going with this piece. the 2nd edition is currently warming up to its almost-800 degree climax. i’ve created little passages this time for the air and been more careful about layering the glass. because i am trying to tell a specific story with this panel, one that i want to perfect and one that needs to speak clearly. although, i’m very grateful for the story that the first edition told me.

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on the ‘gram.

since i began this ‘real’ glass thing earlier this year, i’ve been on Instagram, regularly posting what i’m up to in the studio and what’s being made for people. i like to show people what i’m amazed by in the work; the light shining through the glass making colours dance, the shadows that play beneath the objects and pieces that people want in their homes.

it’s also been a really fun way to get feedback and advice from you guys out there in Cyberland. to know your thoughts on things and get your general interest in the new pieces is really invaluable. (also, i’d be lying if i didn’t also think it’s a great marketing tool in this ‘new world’ of ours!)

but, honestly, i just love showing people glass: Fused Glass Glory – that’s what i call it (just then, anyway)! the things that i get to witness, pulling pieces out of the kiln and photographing in the bright, beautiful sunlight – i have to share it with you. i love glass. i always have. i’ve been mystified, probably since i was 12, by seeing people blow it, cut it, fused it, lamp-work it, leadlight it…and so i will keep posting, to show off the amazing beauty i see in the glass, not necessarily my work.

visit my profile at, and follow along to see what i’m up to  -  day-to-day!


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pressing pause

hey guys,

if you’re a ‘liker’ on my Facebook page, you might have noticed my call for feedback regarding my earrings and rings. i am re-evaluating some of my products and trying to do some testing on different glues and things – because of the ‘sometimes-occurence’ of people contacting me if their pieces are coming apart.

it makes me feel sick when i hear it  -  i hate the thought of a dodgy product or things not being as they should be for  y’all. i want wood|GLASS pieces to be reliable and trustworthy. i want you to be able to wear them everyday if you want to. in the water. on holidays. to work. everywhere. so, i’d love to get things sorted, to know that what i’m sending you will be that.

i’ve removed glued products from the shop just for now, to give me time for testing and searching new manufacturers if i have to. but don’t worry. i’m working on new things too. things for your walls or your windows. things of beauty and fun.

please send me some feedback by commenting here, or on

appreciate it



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objects for people.

most often, i make objects for people, as they want them. the bigger pieces anyway, the fins and the bowls. initially that was just out of practicality. i don’t have a department store buying hundreds of my pieces (maybe one day, anyone?) or even a boutique buying 5. this practicality has changed, as i make for more people.

i feel like its now part of the story, of each individual object. sometimes there are more specific known elements of the object and what someone may like. other times, its just a colour or even a field of colours. i have had the privilege too, of making things for specific people and people who have become special to me. in that way, i know the person and the object the best. i might value the story behind why the piece is being made or the nature and character of the one receiving it. it has become a beautiful thing.

i love making things, and i really find glass to be the most amazing medium. but most all, i love giving things. the idea of giving doesn’t change for me even if there is money involved. i am still giving something, to be received by someone. a value i see less of in this world sometimes, and one that i want to see more of in myself. not because i am better than you or anyone else. but because someone gave to me, first.


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living as an artist

this new year will look slightly different for me. i will no longer have the tag line response to the frequent question ‘what do you do with yourself?’ of ‘I’m a teacher’. this year i won’t be sharing creative energy with my young students and exploring idea development in the classroom forum. i, am an artist. this little thing called wood|GLASS is now my main job.

i will miss the student interaction and the opportunity to work in printmaking, clay and paint all in one day. but i hope to stretch my knowledge and skills in my favourite medium, glass. and produce more than i ever have, with the purpose of living contentedly in the knowledge i am using the gifts i have received to share beauty and truth in the world. we need more beauty and truth.

i hope you enjoy the ride. i will keep you posted.


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new face

well things have been happening here, slowly, as usual. but i’m so happy to have a new design and face for woodglass. and i’m very pleased to place some new things in the shop. let me know what you think of them. a big thanks to em from for taking some photographs of my work over the last couple of weeks.

i’m so inspired these days by folks who find the courage to wisely and successfully establish a way to create their arts full time. i dream of being able to spend a stack of time in the studio in my week, but the reality is, i spend much, much more time out of it doing other things. darned work.

so i’m looking to a time when i can do just that; explore and play with glass, and find my things homes that will in exchange provide me with money for food and more glass.

keep on dreaming my friends. a.

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hardly here.

its been a fair while between posts on here. but things have been travelling well here – and i’ve posted off the ‘infamous’ weddings favours for my friends special day…coming up this weekend. it was a good experience, a learning curve for me, and now the wine glass charms are listed for sale on here! made to order in your choice of colours/details.

i’ve also added some pretty new rings to the site…go have a look here.

enjoy guys!


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the business of it…

i’m getting used to (trying to), working for a ‘client’. well in a very loose sense of the term. but i’m currently working on a specific item, for a very special occasion. i’m finding it hard, holding confidence in my own designing and crafting  - but as my brother once told me in an invaluable passing comment, “don’t listen to the self-critical voice, keep making.”


thanks brother xx

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fresh kiln load

well, i finally got to unload the kiln and wash everything off, (from last week!) and found some pretty new things. there were about 15 pairs of new earrings, in classic white and sky blue, as well some new greens. so i’m stocked up in the classic colours, with plenty of white, blues and pinks.


i had also done a little bit of experimenting on the tri-pendant style too, so will put together some funky new things and post them as soon as. keep an eye on the facebook page and pop back in for a visit.



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to my new home, wood|GLASS. its exciting you could visit – stick around, have a peek at everything and tell your friends. i’ll be here regularly, to add new things i’m making and tell you what’s happening in the studio.



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