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pressing pause

hey guys,

if you’re a ‘liker’ on my Facebook page, you might have noticed my call for feedback regarding my earrings and rings. i am re-evaluating some of my products and trying to do some testing on different glues and things – because of the ‘sometimes-occurence’ of people contacting me if their pieces are coming apart.

it makes me feel sick when i hear it  -  i hate the thought of a dodgy product or things not being as they should be for  y’all. i want wood|GLASS pieces to be reliable and trustworthy. i want you to be able to wear them everyday if you want to. in the water. on holidays. to work. everywhere. so, i’d love to get things sorted, to know that what i’m sending you will be that.

i’ve removed glued products from the shop just for now, to give me time for testing and searching new manufacturers if i have to. but don’t worry. i’m working on new things too. things for your walls or your windows. things of beauty and fun.

please send me some feedback by commenting here, or on

appreciate it



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Discovering The Finest Wig For You

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Curly or straight, lengthy or quick, high-quality or thick, hair is a mirrored image of our identity as it is each public and personal. If ladies don’t take the time to good the look, they won’t get the desired results of a mode that compliments their face, their life-style, or their visions of lengthy luxurious hair. Many jokes are going around about the lace front/full lace wigs, it’s wigs for women all deriving from the ladies who haven’t taken the day trip to correctly place and magnificence them on their heads.

This part of lace is normally in between half an inch and three inches relying on the wig manufacturer. Raquel Welch’s Memory Cap 11 growth options lace front cap constructing with what they contact an invisible hairline. Estetica Wigs in a distinct maker offering 100% hand-stitched synthetic and human hair entrance lace line/lace front wigs. You ought to be told of the origin of the hair whenever you buy a products to your use, but you have to know that European hair wigs worth you more. Some wigs want you to area a thin, translucent net more than your remaining hair so the wig would suit very snugly.

Pay close consideration to the manufacturer’s directions about proper care and upkeep for a budget lace wig It’s vital to maintain your wig in the best shape potential to take care of the most realistic appearance.

You can find ready-front ribbons wigs individual curly hair a official few hundred bucks and synthesis from greenback 40. to the celebration you currently have losss wavy hair ensuing from illness, it’s usually measured making it particularly yourself to measure, because it originates from.

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a range…

the idea of ‘a range’ is one that i attribute to fashion houses, leading jewellery designers and other such successful peoples. i figure, you must be big, sell lots and cater for the need of a ‘new look’ and reinvented style within the brand to actually do it. hence, its an idea that woodGLASS is not very familiar with, itself.


I have however, been inspired by different things at certain times and by new travels to different places. places with new colours and seasons with different light. but i have never gone so far as to have an idea for ‘a range’. well, as any poet could sense, things are about to change. (squirm at the rhyming with me, please)

at some special time over the next month, through lots of scheduled and unschedules business, i will be launching my new autumn and winter range of jewellery. the excitement has been building as i’ve drawn and sketched, in hipster cafes and alleyway asian eats. i am kind of mesmerised by the ability to see my made things appear before me, as i had dreamed them and first drawn them. to see my pieces come to life as the light goes through the glass is a much needed transformation from the scribbled sketches in notebooks.


i will be looking to do something big for the launch – i want it to be special. i want to mark this sense of achievement in making ‘this thing’ happen. i will have to let you know at a later date what that will be though…

in the meantime i will be in the studio, working on my 2014A/W collection. bahahaha



hint – it will be about bright colours balanced by natural opaques for the autumn and winter months.

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