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i am currently sitting at a solid claw-foot (not only reserved for baths) table in a rustic old formal dining room, in a hundred year old home on the top of a mountain escarpment. the leaves just outside the window, and further beyond, remind me of how beautifully Autumn happens here and beckons me outdoors.

for the next four days i will be drawing, talking, drinking tea (i’ve already asked someone to keep count for me), wondering, designing, lazing, walking, eating, planning, drinking and then probably sleeping. i’m attending the 3rd annual Sydney Artists Retreat. it is such a highlight of my year and one that i’m particularly excited about in my new ‘regime’ of life. i’m looking forward to being inspired by the 20 or so other artists here and excited about planning what is ahead for me at woodGLASS.

let the retreating begin!


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on the ‘gram.

since i began this ‘real’ glass thing earlier this year, i’ve been on Instagram, regularly posting what i’m up to in the studio and what’s being made for people. i like to show people what i’m amazed by in the work; the light shining through the glass making colours dance, the shadows that play beneath the objects and pieces that people want in their homes.

it’s also been a really fun way to get feedback and advice from you guys out there in Cyberland. to know your thoughts on things and get your general interest in the new pieces is really invaluable. (also, i’d be lying if i didn’t also think it’s a great marketing tool in this ‘new world’ of ours!)

but, honestly, i just love showing people glass: Fused Glass Glory – that’s what i call it (just then, anyway)! the things that i get to witness, pulling pieces out of the kiln and photographing in the bright, beautiful sunlight – i have to share it with you. i love glass. i always have. i’ve been mystified, probably since i was 12, by seeing people blow it, cut it, fused it, lamp-work it, leadlight it…and so i will keep posting, to show off the amazing beauty i see in the glass, not necessarily my work.

visit my profile at, and follow along to see what i’m up to  -  day-to-day!


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finding ‘what i do’

its been about 3 months of working as ‘an artist’, (with some major interruptions in February) and i’m finding myself a little lost, or unsure really. i am coming to realise that it takes artists, practitioners, musicians and craftspeople months, and more often years before they find themselves doing ‘what they do’. they start somewhere, usually working and crafting in the evenings and on weekends from their dining table, outside their day job. then they might cut back to part-time of both and then if they’re lucky they can commit all of their time to ‘work’ in that area. but i think most of the time, it takes years of development. weeks and months of drafting dreams into marketing plans and business outlines. it takes years to hone their craft, perfect their pitch or sharpen their skills. many days are spent fruitlessly. multiple trials are made. preliminaries completed and ‘rejects’ accumulated. weeks gone by without a dollar of income.

that time though, those hours, days and months are only really appreciated in hindsight. when you’re making trial pieces that have no direct purpose or while your practicing a skill over and over just to grow in your ability, you’re not able to see what it will lead to.

thats my problem. i’m finding it really difficult to focus or find motivation for something that may be years away and out of sight. i can’t grasp the concept of a bread-buying income (and i mean just bread-buying – y’know, a good loaf of local sourdough!) from what i do. i can’t see yet, what it is that i can say ‘i do’. i’m somewhere in the area of an artist – jewellery maker – homewares crafter person. and i love my medium. i get excited by what i see in new things i make.

so, i am on the road of this journey (as the cliche goes). but it feels like i’m driving 50 k’s an hour, in a beat-up Toyota hatch running on 3 cylinders. but, i’m on the road. so, i’ll keep listening to the crackling radio, playing Hot Country, and spend another day practicing glass cutting. i’ll try to design a new bowl prototype. i’ll keep making posts and links on social media to market my work. i’ll book myself in for artist’s retreats to meet and be inspired by others. i’ll try and make new things.

maybe in a few weeks time i’ll see progress. maybe in a month i’ll have more motivation. who knows, maybe in a year i’ll have stores that want my things on their shelves, or at least lots of folks who want them on their walls. until then, i’ll be here in the studio.


* i really do listen to Hot Country. its a real treat!

** i don’t own a toyota hatch, and neither is this an advertisement for the car company…although – ‘Hey – Toyota…want to lend me a hand?’

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