objects for people.

most often, i make objects for people, as they want them. the bigger pieces anyway, the fins and the bowls. initially that was just out of practicality. i don’t have a department store buying hundreds of my pieces (maybe one day, anyone?) or even a boutique buying 5. this practicality has changed, as i make for more people.

i feel like its now part of the story, of each individual object. sometimes there are more specific known elements of the object and what someone may like. other times, its just a colour or even a field of colours. i have had the privilege too, of making things for specific people and people who have become special to me. in that way, i know the person and the object the best. i might value the story behind why the piece is being made or the nature and character of the one receiving it. it has become a beautiful thing.

i love making things, and i really find glass to be the most amazing medium. but most all, i love giving things. the idea of giving doesn’t change for me even if there is money involved. i am still giving something, to be received by someone. a value i see less of in this world sometimes, and one that i want to see more of in myself. not because i am better than you or anyone else. but because someone gave to me, first.