a range…

the idea of ‘a range’ is one that i attribute to fashion houses, leading jewellery designers and other such successful peoples. i figure, you must be big, sell lots and cater for the need of a ‘new look’ and reinvented style within the brand to actually do it. hence, its an idea that woodGLASS is not very familiar with, itself.


I have however,¬†been inspired by different things at certain times and by new travels to different places. places with new colours and seasons with different light. but i have never gone so far as to have an idea for ‘a range’. well, as any poet could sense, things are about to change. (squirm at the rhyming with me, please)

at some special time over the next month, through lots of scheduled and unschedules business, i will be launching my new autumn and winter range of jewellery. the excitement has been building as i’ve drawn and sketched, in hipster cafes and alleyway asian eats. i am kind of mesmerised by the ability to see my made things appear before me, as i had dreamed them and first drawn them. to see my pieces come to life as the light goes through the glass is a much needed transformation from the scribbled sketches in notebooks.


i will be looking to do something big for the launch – i want it to be special. i want to mark this sense of achievement in making ‘this thing’ happen. i will have to let you know at a later date what that will be though…

in the meantime i will be in the studio, working on my 2014A/W collection. bahahaha



hint – it will be about bright colours balanced by natural opaques for the autumn and winter months.