pressing pause

hey guys,

if you’re a ‘liker’ on my Facebook page, you might have noticed my call for feedback regarding my earrings and rings. i am re-evaluating some of my products and trying to do some testing on different glues and things – because of the ‘sometimes-occurence’ of people contacting me if their pieces are coming apart.

it makes me feel sick when i hear it  -  i hate the thought of a dodgy product or things not being as they should be for  y’all. i want wood|GLASS pieces to be reliable and trustworthy. i want you to be able to wear them everyday if you want to. in the water. on holidays. to work. everywhere. so, i’d love to get things sorted, to know that what i’m sending you will be that.

i’ve removed glued products from the shop just for now, to give me time for testing and searching new manufacturers if i have to. but don’t worry. i’m working on new things too. things for your walls or your windows. things of beauty and fun.

please send me some feedback by commenting here, or on

appreciate it